Perinatal and EMDR Consultation and Clinical Supervision

Perinatal and EMDR Consultation and Clinical Supervision

EMDR and Perinatal Trauma Consultation

Sable is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant-in-Training under the mentorship of Dr. Mara Tesler Stein and is now approved to offer consultation to meet your Foundational Training requirements with The Touchstone Institute! As a Consultant-In-Training, Sable can provide up to 15 of your required EMDR Consultation hours toward EMDR Certification.

Sable’s expertise for consultation includes:

  • Perinatal Trauma and Loss
  • Pregnancy and parenting after loss
  • EMDR with grief and mourning
  • Getting started with EMDR and managing new EMDR therapist anxiety
  • Case conceptualization
  • How to understand pregnancy and infant loss as a unique form of loss that requires more specialized care

Consultation Fees:

  • Individual Consultation (1 hour) – $60
  • Group Consultation (1 hour) – $40

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Clinical Social Work Supervision

Sable is a Board Approved Social Work Supervisor in the State of Texas (#60728) and is available to provide clinical social work supervision toward LCSW licensure in Texas and Arkansas (#12345-C). Please contact Sable directly to discuss entering into a supervisory relationship and complete the necessary paperwork.

For rates and other information about social work supervision, please contact Sable at

Consultation vs. Supervision

Consultation is not supervision and does not substitute for clinical supervision building foundational psychotherapy, social work skills, ethics, and clinical proficiency. Consultation focuses on mastery of specific skills, like use of standard EMDR therapy, understanding nuances of specific client populations (i.e. perinatal trauma and loss), and integrating skills and EMDR into your practice. You are responsible for the therapeutic relationship with your clients and competency in the modalities you offer. As a consultant in training, I do not hold liability for how you practice. If you are seeking consultation toward EMDRIA Certification, I will be evaluating your proficiency and fidelity to the standard protocol of EMDR therapy and your awareness of situations in which modifications to standard EMDR therapy are necessary in order to safely and effectively treat the client.

About Sable as a Supervisor and Consultant

Sable believes firmly in the power and importance of quality clinical supervision and continued consultation services beyond clinical licensure. Sable routinely participates in her own consultation with other professionals. One of the best things about being a clinical supervisor and case consultant is the dual learning that takes place in the supervision/consultation space. Sable often tells her clients, “I don’t know more than you, I just may know differently;” and that same mindset proves Sable to be a wonderful supervisor and consultant. She will be your partner in clinical learning and skill development.

Clinical growth and learning doesn’t stop once licensure is achieved and is integral to providing quality care and improves the therapeutic field as a whole. Sable is passionate about providing ethical, empathetic, and informed clinical supervision and consultation services. She integrates theory, research, ethics, clinical experience, and her own learning and consultation to your supervision/consultation experience. Whether you are seeking ongoing EMDR Consultation toward EMDR Certification, consultation regarding perinatal mental health and/or perinatal trauma, or Clinical Social Work supervision toward licensure, Sable will help you feel empowered to continue your clinical work.