Support for First Responders

Support for First Responders

You show up for others in times of their greatest distress. Your daily job involves witnessing the worst days of other’s lives. Most days you are able to leave your uniform at the door and return to your personal life without distress, but sometimes your service can come at a cost.

“For first responders it’s a conveyor belt of trauma, eventually you run out of coping strategies.”
-Michael Swainson, owner of Rescue 1 in Canada

You might find yourself replaying certain images in your mind. You may struggle to sleep or have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. You might be short-tempered at home with family or friends or find yourself having intrusive thoughts about the “what ifs” when it comes to your loved ones.

If any of these sound like you, therapy may be a benefit to you.

I often hear reluctance from first responders and healthcare workers to seek counseling because of fear the therapist won’t “get it.” In my experience as a Victim Services and Police Social Worker with 9 different police and fire agencies in the collar counties of Chicago, IL, I worked with countless first responders and healthcare workers who sometimes had “that one call” which lingered long after the uniform came off. Along with my team, I provided debriefing and diffusing services and 24/7 crisis response to those 9 different municipalities.

Working alongside first responders gave me a unique perspective and understanding of the demands of your job which can sometimes tip the scales into vicarious trauma and stress.

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